[Scenario] Catch the yokai!

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[Scenario] Catch the yokai!

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On "Ryodo" map
Corner deployment (other diagonal than the 3 zones)
Specials rules:
A yokai is placed in the center of each circle
He moves 3’’ max, has 2 Ki, has Iron Mind, Fly, Elusive and Insignificant skills
All his models start the first turn tired (because of being surprised)
The Scout, Flanck and Forward deployment skills are of no use for the deployment: instead, those models start Rested as usual
3 Scenario Objectives (Small) all Friendly to D
Game Length:
Variable (5)
Scenario Objective Interaction:
Tame (Simple): when in BtB with a Yokai, a non-Souless, non-Insignificant model may try to Tame it: make an opposed Ki test. If the yokai is successful, he moves (D2 + 1)’’away. For the direction, throw a dice : On 1 it moves to his right, on 2 to diagonal right back, on 3 direct back, on 4 to diagonal left back, on 5 to his left and on 6 direct forward (up to the model)
If the model is successful, the yokai will stay BtB with that model as long as it won’t move more than 3’’ each activation. If the model enters in BtB with an enemy model, the yokai is not Tamed anymore and moves as indicated when loosing Ki test.
A model may only have one Tamed yokai with him at the same time.
Victory Conditions:
1 VP To for each yokai in the deployment zone.
Ma galerie de figurines
Bushido : Temple of Ro-Kan
BloodBowl : Elfes sylvains


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