[Scenario] Get that little girl!

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[Scenario] Get that little girl!

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On the "The Idols" map
Specials rules:
A Dark Kami (Large base) is place in 1st Scenario Objective and a Little girl (small base) in 3th Scenario Objective
Dark Kami: MS 4, RAS 0, Move 4, Ki 2 Wounds 10 – strength +2
Aware, Fear (5), Kami, Sharp, Toughness (2), Soulless, Indomitable (2) and Tireless
Little girl: MS 0, Move 3, Ki 1, Wounds 3, Cowardly, small, Retreat, Weak
Game Length:
Fixed (6)
Scenario Objective Interaction:
The Dark Kami during melee is played by the non-active player (how many dices in attack, defense, etc.). It plays first each turn, before both players: it’s an automatic action - it tries to reach melee with the nearest model (if more than one, by random). Its second activation will be played by any player how wants to: a player may activate the Dark Kami and decides what to do with instead of playing one of his models (non automatic action). The Dark Kami can’t charge, run, wait or disengage.
The Little girl has only automatic action: When a model with Fear skill go in BtB with her, if she gets frightened, she immediately runs (before being in BtB) backward from the model and then stopped. As long as she’s frightened, she won’t move anymore.
Reassure (Simple): when in BtB with the little girl, a non-Fear, non-Soulless, non-Insignificant model may try to Reassure her: make an opposed Ki test. If the little girl is successful, she moves 3’’away, directly backward. She can’t end her move in BtB with another model.
If the model is successful, the little girl wil stay BtB with that model as long as it won’t move more than 3’’ each activation. If the model enters in BtB with an enemy model, the Little girl is not Reassured anymore and moves as indicated when loosing Ki test. As long as she’s reassured, she loses is Cowardly skill. Remember: as long as she’s frightened, she can’t move.
Victory Conditions:
1 VP To the player who inflicts the first damage to the Dark Kami
1 VP To the player who kills the Dark Kami
1 VP To the player whose little girl is closer to the deployment area, if still alive...
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